"Final Tape" | Knicks vs. Raptors (W 99-94)

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"Final Tape" | Knicks vs. Raptors (W 99-94)

Postby Isa Soulstar » March 23, 2013, 12:53 pm


New York

12th in Points Per Game / 23rd in Rebounds Per Game / 29th in Assists Per Game / 9th in Points Allowed


16th in Points Per Game 27th in Rebounds Per Game, 20th in Assists Per Game , 18th in Points Allowed

"Final Tape" | Knicks vs. Raptors (W 99-94)


"I Shall Fear No Man But God." - KENYON MARTIN

The New York Knicks ball club engineered a well-composed, balanced, and poised team effort last night to clinch their 3rd consecutive playoff berth defeating the Toronto Raptors 99-93. In playoff rotation form, Mike Woodson donned his 19th starting lineup of the season last night...with a small but rather defensively tenacious group featuring a three guard set of Felton, Prigioni, and Shumpert on the perimeter - with Carmerlo Anthony and Kenyon Martin manning the front court. With a "solid rotation" in mind, Woodson indicated in post-game interviews last night his approach to building a rotational group for the playoffs, and moving forward without expectations that injured Knicks players would rejoin the front the remainder of the season.

“It’s about what we do now because we got to start building to stay at the top and then start thinking about rotations...That will change when we get Tyson back, and if we get a few other guys back down the road, if that may be the case. But I got to start thinking about a solid rotation, who is going to play and get comfortable in that regard. We got to make sure the rotation is tight around Tyson, Melo and the starting unit that we probably go into the playoffs with. Hopefully nobody else gets hurt.’’ - Mike Woodson

In a solid but rather disjointed effort, Carmelo Anthony put up 37 points and 6 rebounds but committed 7 turnovers last night, uncharismatic of a team that leads the league in fewest turnovers. The supporting cast however, told the real story. Woodson's three-guard set on the perimeter not spaced the floor incredibly well, but moved the ball with a sharpness to beat the Raptors defense virtually every single time. Looking extremely well poised and patient on virtually every possession; Knicks guards did an excellent job recognizing defensive lapses and finding high FG% opportunities to end the first quarter shooting a hair shy of 50% from the field. By the end of the first half it was raining treys at the Air Canada. The Knicks shot an impressive 7-13 from outside the arc - and moving the ball superbly and finding excellent quality looks in one of the more solid offensive performances you've seen from this group in a long time. Whilst Melo came out of the gate shooting a horrid 3-10 in the first quarter, by the close of the 4th he ignited his magic and caught fire...putting the final stamp on a fruitless Toronto late run to close the contest and clinch the post-season.


Fuck yeah.


Defensive Driving.

The defensive effort last night was a work of pure poetry and testimonial to why we're 5th in the NBA in opponents points (6428). It almost looked as though they've finally grasped the concept of team defense as a matter of real estate rather than costly gamble. Contrary to the insistence of his detractors, Woodson's defensive philosophy is pretty sound when executed the right way. As opposed to a traditional, on-the-ball type defensive pressure from say a coach like Tom Thibodeau...Woodson's philosophy is to keep you out of sync by eliminating your passing lanes. It's pretty simple actually. If you can reduce a teams ability to move the ball in a pre-designed play, you force isolation plays. And we as Knicks fan should be the first to know too much isolation the quickest way to kill your team's momentum.


The Knicks triumvirate of Prigioni, Felton, and Shumpert played within a team defensive concept and an impeccable focus...applying pressure on the ball and collapsing on the penetration at every viable opportunity. Versus the Knicks backcourt, Kyle Lowry was routinely force to turn his back entirely on the strong side while the help defenders followed in suit trapping the ball-handler. By the close of the second, Knicks swarming defense force the Raptors into a ghastly 1-11 shooting effort and a bruised psyche for the remainder of the contest. The hilarity of it was apparent the moment Raptors fans' hopes were nested on some cat named Alan Anderson. The fuck is that guy.


Flaccid Reflux.

Carmelo Anthony's 7 turnovers last night. You see that shit? I mean what. Theee. Fuck.

How long will it take Carmelo Anthony to realize he's so much better when he plays within the team concept of the basketball. Scoring is a matter of rhythm, yes...but Melo's insistence upon proving to the world no measure of double or triple-teaming can curb his offensive prowess is bad enough to make you want to rip out your testicle hairs. His hapless turnovers from over dribbling, the 20 foot quick pull-ups on the break (and did so last night with 2 defenders on him)...all testimonial they why Carmelo Anthony should be prohibited by judicial order from a isolation offense, and restricted to a more controlled level of play. George Karl was absolutely correct in setting a limitation on Melo's shot attempts to make him more judicious about his shot selection. Give him credit though...the defense picked up on the fact that he was in shoot-first mode and sent everybody and they momma to double-down the moment Melo touched the ball. When Melo decided to share the ball...offense found him where he's most comfortable on the floor and hence found his rhythm. By the close of the 4th, he was virtually unconscious.

Good recovery late in the game, I'll grant him that. But his ambition for the scoring title is enough to agrivate the living piss out of you.


“Good things happen when JR Smith attacks.” - Mike Breen


We better go into these next few holding our nuts with a hunched back, a clenched ass...we got an absolutely BRUTAL stretch ahead of us folks. After tonight, 7 of the next 8 teams are playoff-bound and Milwaukee isn't exactly a team to take lightly. Whatever it is we're out to prove, the time is now...
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Re: "Final Tape" | Knicks vs. Raptors (W 99-94)

Postby Minkaveli » March 23, 2013, 2:52 pm

Negative: JR throws the ball off of Shump's face on a two on one fast break.
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Re: "Final Tape" | Knicks vs. Raptors (W 99-94)

Postby StevoStarks » March 23, 2013, 4:34 pm

Good stuff Isa. I never knew KMart had such a chill tat on his back. Pretty low key.
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Re: "Final Tape" | Knicks vs. Raptors (W 99-94)

Postby maxinquaye11 » March 23, 2013, 7:17 pm

Now I know for sure he came from you. No doubt. Thank you God for K-Mart.
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Re: "Final Tape" | Knicks vs. Raptors (W 99-94)

Postby spree#8 » March 24, 2013, 8:47 am

Great job, Isa. :thumbsup:

A shooting duel between Melo and that cat Anderson makes you think:
The hilarity of it was apparent the moment Raptors fans' hopes were nested on some cat named Alan Anderson. The fuck is that guy.
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