Winter Olympics

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Winter Olympics

Postby dcapodic » February 12, 2018, 10:58 am

Just curious, anyone into the Winter Olympics going on now? I see it advertised all over the place and of course the news has to cover it but I have found myself with zero interest in them. Not really sure why?!? I mean, I am not a huge winter sports fan for sure and am not into the new "xgames" competitions. I really am not sure what they are doing in the Olympics anyway other than to try and draw in younger viewers. Ok, well lets put shuffle board for the older folks (is that an Olympic sport), speed texting for the younger peeps and maybe juuling for those so inclined?!?

The Olympics seem to have, unfortunately, gone the way of many of the popular sports in making it all about making money and getting the coverage. I get it from the perspective of the networks that pay big money to cover these things but is the idea of any kind of country pride still really in there?

Just was wondering how other felt about it.
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