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Postby kenetics81 » June 8, 2017, 8:03 am

Hi guys. So I haven’t been on these boards in A WHILE but shout outs to any of the old heads here who might remember me. Back in 2005 I got invitation from here to join my first fantasy league. I wound up finishing in 4th place that season (congrats to Zeke’s Dragons for winning the league) but went on to finishing first in both of this forum’s leagues in 2006. I’ve been completely addicted to fantasy sports ever since.

About 4 months back, I was looking online for a funny fantasy sports t-shirt, and really couldn’t find anything I liked. And any shirts I did find were low-quality. I’ve spent my entire career as an Art/Creative Director in the world of design and advertising, so I thought to myself I can make a better shirt than any of these in 5 minutes.

Flash forward four months, I’ve just launched a site/brand called RotoWear. For better or worse, I decided to put a ton of my time and money into this. I set out to make the best quality shirt possible, so I’m doing all these with either water-based or discharge ink, which basically means that the print is part of the shirt and you can’t feel it when you’re wearing it. I’m also gonna try to do some cool stuff on social in terms of sports raps, funny photoshopped images, etc. I’ve got a verse dropping later where I say “I won’t stop ’til I got rings on all fingers / exploit a mismatch like Kristaps Porzingis” :) Anyone that wants to check out the site can go here - - and it’s on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as RotoWear.

Only time will tell whether or not this works out for me, but I’ve had a blast doing this. And I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for sending me that fantasy basketball league invite back in 2005. Hope everyone is good.

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