Looking for Tickets for 2 games in March!

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Looking for Tickets for 2 games in March!

Postby Huuhaa » January 23, 2007, 4:01 pm

Hi, Im coming to New York first time in my life with my half-brother. As being Knicks fan for about 15 years and finally able to fullfill my long dream of coming to New York and seeing Knicks playing live at the legendary Garden. So now im lookin 2 tickets for games againts Dallas and Portland. I really dont have lot money to use them, so im looking Tickets in the price range of 40-50 bucks a piece max. I have been having lot of difficulties to find place that would ship them to Finland and if i have find one they would have huge shipping costs. So is anyone of you guys willing to sell cheap 2 tickets for each game and ship them to Finland via regular mail. so it would not be that expensive. We are in the budget trip, so we are trying to save in everything.

Regards, Mikko Hiltunen
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