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PostPosted: April 16, 2017, 3:58 pm
by n8 the gr8
Here's the scenario:
-LAC exits early
-SAS and BOS leave in the conference finals, getting trounced by GS and Cleveland, respectively
-Paul indicates he won't play for the Clippers again

and the trade:
-Carmelo goes to Boston
-Zeller, Bradley and some other filler (maybe someone else that's not a rotation player but on a rookie deal) go to LAC
-Paul (after opting into his player option on the condition that he gets traded) goes to San Antonio
-Tony Parker, a future Spurs first rounder and a future Celtics first rounder go to NY

-Boston keeps their core rotation and doesn't give up one of Brooklyn's picks but still gets a guy that could be a difference maker
-Clippers get a couple interesting rotation players for Paul who could otherwise opt-out and leave them with nothing
-San Antonio gets Chris Paul and upgrades probably their weakest position, arguably becomes a "super-team" with the most team-oriented superstar guard in the league
-NY gets two (albeit late) first rounders and a guard that's almost ready to retire that can take pressure off of whoever we draft this year



PostPosted: April 16, 2017, 4:37 pm
by n8 the gr8
Just for the sake of plugging in specifics, maybe the San Antonio pick is for this year and the Knicks take Sindarius Thornwell (OG Anuby is also projected to be around there, I know some here like him). Celtics pick is for next year (they only have Brooklyn's this year because they had to swap it), so we'd have 2 first rounders in 2018.
Say with the second rounders Knicks take Alpha Kaba (because he has a cool name and he's french) and Alec Peters (because he's who the mock draft I have up at the moment has us taking)
With the lottery pick I'll leave put in Fox/Frank but as long as it's a PG...

Sindarius Thornwell/N'Dour/Kuz
KP/O'Quinn/Alec Peters
Hernangomez/Noah/Alpha Kapa

To me those are good vets to have for a rebuilding team so guys are sure to keep getting better. And they're not just old-NBA players they're guys that have been to the mountaintop in Parker/Sasha and been very very good in Noah/Lee.