Lets Stop Bull Shitting ourselves its time to Trade Melo

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Lets Stop Bull Shitting ourselves its time to Trade Melo

Postby vino92 » February 7, 2016, 11:54 am

It time we can wait no longer he will never be worth more than he is right now. These are my trade senerios what are yours 1) Melo and Seraphin to Bulls for Noah(expiring contract) Mirotic Snell and Portis, 2) Melo to Cav's for Love who we in turn trade to one of two teams a) Boston for Lee(expiring contract) Hunter Crowder Rozier and Brooklyns 2016 pick or B) or we trade Love to Orlando for Hezjona Gordon Payton and Frye
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Re: Lets Stop Bull Shitting ourselves its time to Trade Melo

Postby nazrmohamed » February 7, 2016, 12:15 pm

Gotta say, I love all of these ideas. Youre about to be attacked, just be prepared but it aint about next seasons record. Its about putting a young team around Porzingis that suits him and can grow with him over the next 10 years. We have our 2017 pick so losing next year will feel just like it did when we tanked, full of anticipation of our next draft stud.

The bulls still are my favorite trade partner with Snell and Portis coming to us. I can see a Portis/Porzingis front court being the model front court in the nba with athleticism/defense/rebounding and shooting. Zinger will fill out on our watch, Portis will fill out on our watch and Snell and Morotic will be great complimentary players for them. I might even try to flip Noahs expiring, relieve another team of some longer contract in exchange for a late first rounder.( target- Carys Levert)

I doubt Orlando gives up that much but Id be happy to get Gordon and Herzogna out of it. Two young studs ( even though Herzogna hasn't really broke out yet) to add to Zinger.

Whats forgotten is that the second one commits to trading Melo all of a sudden anything becomes a possibility. Then you ask yourself what Lopez is worth to a contender who might be missing a decent big man or depth in that area. Or even a team looking in a different direction.

Melos been taking games off more than ever sinply for nagging injuries and thats not even counting the big injury waiting to happen. Everyone wants to be patient for free agency but then you ask them who they want and theyre looking for guys to compliment him as if he's not depreciating. Its become obvious to me we need Melo to be a complimentary piece and someone be the new Melo. If we can do that id ride with Melo but therein lies a problem. Only one guy in this FA is better than Melo right now and maybe 2 will be better than him within a year so there aren't alot of options. His best bet is to become a complimentary piece ( and he's good enough to be a secondary option) on another team.

This is something I would've argued about just last summer but to me its obvious now. While I love the new Melo and even critics are saying he's become more unselfish, its timing coincides with his individual fall from being a consistent superstar. Right now I believe Melo is what Paul Pierce was right before the formation of the big three. This summer we could
A- form a big three, or at least get a huge talent like maybe a Derozen
B- realize as vino does that his value is still high but depreciating and see if he agrees to a trade.

But it probably isn't happening this deadline Vino, just gotta wait it out.
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