Beasley....Low risk potential high reward

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Beasley....Low risk potential high reward

Postby ny4life » September 9, 2013, 11:32 pm

Beasely is a potential beast and is exactly what we need, Tyler is hurt, chandler is accumulating more mileage than needed by holding down the paint damn near by his lonesome and we can only offer him the vet min, (no brainer in my opinion) i really believe he can be our modern day sprewell sort 2 speak, he's hit rock bottom as far as his rep and what better place to resurrect his career than the garden?
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Re: Beasley....Low risk potential high reward

Postby big_j_NY » September 9, 2013, 11:39 pm

Do you believe any players in our locker room has the ability to keep Beasley in check? Last I checked, JR Smith still plays for the Knicks and we clearly know the memo on him. Do you really want Beasley around JR Smith?

As much as I hate to see Beasley go to a team like the Miami Heat, the Miami Heat actually have high character players in their locker room that can keep a "Beasley-type knucklehead" in check. I have yet to see the Knicks' locker room provide any hope on that one besides a "6th man of the year award" player getting a 5-game suspension for failing a drug test for a 3rd fucking time.

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