Stuff translated from European media

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Stuff translated from European media

Postby Ari_Ingus » November 15, 2017, 11:18 am


In this thread I will try to post interesting interviews from other non-english media. So I dont make a seperate thread one each time.

Please note i`m not professional translator, I just do it for the community but there could be some mistakes due to language specifications.

This one is with Willy Hernangomez

"Team is doing good, we are winning, our balance is over 50% which is important. About my individual performance, I did not expect that I will play so less. I keep working, do anything whats in my power to make sure I play. I`m trying to use the oporotunities which I get"

"After last season, when I was included in symbolic team of rookies, i did not expect such start of the season. We have many centers in team, Kanter joined....I hope that when Noah will be back in rotation, everything will be clearer. We will see if there will be some changes in team. Team management is asking me to keep being calm, they trust me and I will have game time. But I want to play now, not after some time"

Willy did not give a clear answer about rotation to other team: "I dont think about that right now. President and general manager have told me, that they trust in me and im part of the future, I have to be patient. I hope these words will pay off. I`m very patient, I work hard and I train with positive attitude. I have to be ready to play. I feel very comfortable in New York - it`s the best city where I can play together with my friend Kristaps [Porzingis]"

Willy is commenting about KP`s performance: "He is showing right now what he was doing during summer. He have sacrificed so much time and have trained for hours. He is much more versatile, stronger, more athletic player who can go into physical contact with other player. With no doubt he is in All Star level player".

There was questions about Luka Dončić and the world cup qualification format but not sure if its interesting for you guys. Got to run as well

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