If I were Jackson I would...

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If I were Jackson I would...

Postby rio45 » April 26, 2017, 10:46 pm

... I would build Knicks around young guys.
I would get Jokic from Denver.
And maybe I would get Towns from Minnesota, also.
So now I would have Jokic, Towns and Porzingis - and that would remind me a 80s Boston.
That would be an awful force. And they do not duplicate each other.

So now I need a real good point guard. I wouldnt hire from NBA, I would hire Teodosic from Russia.

And i need one shooting guard with good defense.

I would buy Devin Booker.

So now I would have relevantly young and crazy starting five - Porzingis, Towns, Jokic, Teodosic and Booker - that fits perfectly into 45 million budget left by Melo and Rose. And with that starting five I could win any title there is on this planet.

...If I was Melo, I would lower my salary and go to Cleveleland to end my career with a title next year. thats his last real chance.
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