Why Do We "Have To Come Together And Jell"?

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Why Do We "Have To Come Together And Jell"?

Postby Fire Hornacek » November 3, 2016, 1:09 pm

You hear non-stop, "This team has to jell...this Knick team has to take some time to come together"... Yeah? Last I looked the Bulls who have a 90% different team than last year are sitting with a 3-1 record while we are at 1-3. Did the Bulls have an extra ten months or something to jell? My God, new guys Rondo and Wade and Lopez and General Grant and Carter-Williams just get on the court and play basketball. What is this "time to jell" crap that the Knick PR machine keeps putting out? JUST PLAY BASKETBALL!

I could walk on a court with four strangers right now and play my game. No jell time necessary. If Dwyane Wade and I can do it, why can't Courtney Lee, and Rose, and Noah do it?
This is absurd. 1-3. OK, we have to jell. :LOL:
Fire Hornacek
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