Quantum Leap(s)

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Quantum Leap(s)

Postby Mr. Glass » July 5, 2016, 1:24 pm

Health be damned, we have a shot in the East. It's so hard being a Knicks fan because perspective gets lost in the hype. Same this year! Just read a quote from Cragganmor stating, "Noah will change our culture the way KG changed the Celtics; toughness and leadership." That's a giant leap for the franchise.

- Rose on a contract year and looking for redemption. "Ready for New York" and ready to ball. That will help catapult this franchise.

- The cap increase came from advertising dollars. Knicks should be on TV a lot this year!

- Porzingis and Melo as team Godfathers welcoming all new guys with open arms. A selfless environment that Phil helped create. A massive leap for the franchise.

- Resigning some of the guys that put in the work during the crappy years. A sign of organizational dedication. Another REAL leap forward.

- A coach and GM/Pres compromising to run a system that is both historically relevant, yet innovative and modern. LEAPS.

ALL NBA teams have to deal with injuries. Why magnify our possibilities for the same thing? Because we're Knick fans, lol! 2016/17 season will be ALL ABOUT MANAGEMENT! Management of egos, scheduled rest, lineups, and shot selection (to name a few). This could be something special, and trust me, the next batch of Free Agents are watching...on TV.
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