CountDown to Q's demise

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CountDown to Q's demise

Postby nazrmohamed » January 31, 2007, 2:04 am

I for the last month or so have been thinking of all sorts of trade scenarios usually sending crawford and a youngin away for some super guard or Small Forward. And in most of my trades I assume Q will start at the other spot wherever he fits. Now this isnt a trade post, its more of something i've noticed.
I think isiah couldnt trade crawford right now or if he can he shouldnt only because Q is breaking down. He's been out for extended time twice this season after I thought these problems were behind him. I liike him as a player but what the hell are we gonna do?
Grady- Mario is the KD of tanking. Fiz got worried that playing Jordan would help the Knicks win, so he has to make sure Mario gets plenty of minutes.
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